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Born in Praia, Cape Verde |

Adelton describes Toronto as his home away from home.

“Toronto and its many cultures allow me to be as noticeable and as invisible as I choose.”

He first came here in 2004 to study at York University and his scholarship required him to return to Cape Verde after graduation. Because he had married and had fathered a child while in Toronto he returned as here as quickly as possible. In the city he has met fellow Cape Verdeans with whom he shares his language, stories and culture – as well as friends from other places, who were willing to share their cultures, foods, and ways of life with him. His wife comes from St. Lucia and their amazing daughter Arlene, is growing up in a blended cultural atmosphere.

Toronto as Home

Adelton holds his daughter Arlene in front of Glendon College’s Hilliard Residence, where he first lived upon arriving in Canada.

“For the first few months being in Toronto, I felt that every time I left the walls of Glendon, I went out into the unknown, so Glendon in and of itself became a haven, a safe house, until I felt more comfortable.”

Adelton considers Glendon College his first connection to Toronto and the place that reminds him of how he felt when he knew he wanted to remain here.

Connection with the Past

Adelton and his daughter are holding a picture of his mother Maria da Graça. In his neighbourhood in Cape Verde, photos were uncommon.  He doesn’t have any of himself as a child, just this one of his mother.

“When I see it, I think of how far Cape Verde has come as a country, how much my mother has given to me and what I can give back to her.”

Having his daughter holding the picture within him represents the continuation of this Cape Verdean family now living so far away in Canada.

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