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Born in Belize City, Belize |

Adrian knew the moment he arrived in Toronto that there was something different about the city. He had previously lived in other cities but something about Toronto felt like home. Like most of his friends, Adrian left Belize at nineteen to finish his education abroad. His parents had sent him to Florida where he had attended University, and also worked at Sodexo part time. After graduation he continued working there as a Marketing Director and was transferred to Canada in 2005. His father had attended Ryerson University in Canada and had worked for Maple Leaf Foods in Belize and this made the moving and the accompanying transition easy for Adrian. He loves residing in a large city with all its amenities but also enjoys being able to hide away in Cabbagetown, which Adrian says has a small town feeling.

Toronto as Home

Adrian is standing in front of Daniel Lamb’s House, which is located in Cabbagetown. Mr. Lamb founded Toronto’s first Zoo. Every time Adrian passes by this house, he is reminded of Belize. The style is similar to houses in the old part of Belize City and the colours are reminiscent of those on the Belizean flag.

Connection with the Past

As he left home at a young age, photos are the only connection Adrian has to his family and as his family grows so does his collection of photos. A few years ago he bought a pair of silver tree photo holders and this is where he put portraits of those “near and dear” to him. One of these trees is here in Cabbagetown and the other remains in Belize.

“Like a tree, I believe we must all be rooted in where we came from.  Life may change us but our journey begins and ends with our family.”

Knowing that there is one tree in Canada connected to another tree in Belize is comforting to Adrian. He says he starts and ends the day by looking at these photos as they represent the past, present and future of his family.

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