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Born in Tedjourah, Djibouti|

In Djibouti Aidarous worked as an accountant for a food company. One day his sister told him that the Canadian government was looking for skilled workers who could speak French, so he applied for the position. The fact that he already had family living in Toronto (aunt, cousin, sister) made the move even more appealing. Aidarous explains how Djibouti is a small country and there are not many different companies one can work for to gain experience. He also wanted to learn English and thought that Canada would be a great place to study it. As Aidarous arrived in Canada less than one year ago, he is still in the process of getting settled in; explaining that leaving his family and friends in Djibouti was not easy. Torontonians have been welcoming and helpful and the city is where he hopes to stay. Aidarous plans to attend college or university to study accounting and he is confident about future job opportunities.

Toronto as Home

Currently Aidarous is studying full time at City Adult Learning Centre. He feels most at home while at school, because he has made many friends there. They often hang out in the school’s cafeteria, spending many hours eating, studying and enjoying each other’s company. Something he mentions about this school is that the teachers are friendlier and more open than in his previous schools. This allows Aidarous to feel comfortable freely sharing his ideas.

Connection with the Past

Aidarous uses the computer at his school’s library to keep in touch with friends and family back in Djibouti. His best friend Habon Choukri, who he met while working for the same company, is still there and they share pictures of important people in their lives on Facebook. Often these pictures remind Aidarous of his beloved parents and of how much he misses them.

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