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Born in Oslo, Norway |

Alex left Norway to pursue his post-secondary studies as he wished  to improve his second language skills  and satisfy his craving for travel while getting his university degree. “By fluke” he started in Victoria, BC, but transferred to York University to be with his wife who is a graphic designer in Toronto. He admits that after 12 years of living in the GTA it is not necessarily the actual location that is the reason why he considers a place ‘home’, but rather it is the people that make it that way. In this respect, he doesn’t miss Norway, the place, or Victoria, the place – but he does miss the people there.

Toronto as Home

Alex’s closest link to Toronto is his workplace at the Shops at Don Mills. He currently works as the Director of Risk Management for Morrison Financial, a private financial institution focused on asset-based commercial lending.

Connection with the Past

Alex emphasizes that he is not connected to the past through any physical objects. What connects him to Norway are the family and friends that remain there and it is through Skype that he is able to stay in touch with them.

“Being able to converse with my niece and nephews through a video call, makes all the difference to someone who lives so far away from their family.”

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