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Born in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg |

Alina’s family, originally from Pakistan, relocated to Luxembourg due to her father’s career in private banking. She was born in Luxembourg, and when she was six and her family moved to Bahrain, and then eventually to the UAE. There she would grow up being told that “the world is our oyster” and a future in North America was always in the back of her mind. At the age of 18 Alina left Dubai to study at York University’s Schulich School of Business. Her sister, already living in Toronto, helped make the choice to move easier.

“It’s a big city with a small city feel. And that’s because of the people.”

Alina believes that home is where the people are, and emphasizes how lucky she is to have high school friends from Bahrain and Dubai who also call Toronto home. She explains how Toronto gave her the opportunity to work for an amazing advertising agency, then completely switch paths and pursue a new career in Holistic Nutrition.

Toronto as Home

“The Rock”, a six hundred-ton piece of the glacial shield, in Yorkville is a special place for Alina. She explains how many memories have been had sitting on this rock with a good friend, soaking up the summer sun, having long conversations over gelato.

Connection with the Past

Luxembourg borders on France, and Alina emphasizes how the cuisine there is strongly influenced by the French. Luxembourg City is scattered with small bakeries and patisseries serving delicious baked goods. Growing up her father would bring home delicacies from her favourite patisserie called oberweis. Her love of baked goods and desserts began in Luxembourg. Because of this love she decided to take a baking arts course at George Brown College, and then enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition – so she could learn more about food, and how to make healthier versions of all these desserts she loves!

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