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Born in Nuku’alofa City, Kingdom of Tonga |

In her wildest dreams, Alisi had never thought she that would live further away from Tonga than New Zealand or possibly Australia. That was until Dennis, her future Canadian husband, came to Tonga to visit his friend who was her brother in law. She fell in love with Dennis and they moved to Canada. Today they are happily married, live in Toronto, and their three children were born in this country. Here she has worked on becoming an independent woman, and discovered a career that she loves. After attending Georgina Learning Centre Alisi is now a Personal Support Worker. She finds fulfillment in helping people and making a difference in their day to day lives.

Toronto as Home

Alisi wanted to be photographed in her sister Sosina’s house in Scarborough. She says she feels very close to her sister – almost like she is a second mother. Many amazing Tongan meals have been shared here and it is where Alisi and Sosina often reminisce about their childhood in Tonga. Sosina’s home is filled with items that are found in Tonga such as mats used for weddings or funerals, shells from the South Pacific ocean, handmade woven baskets, and tropical flowers. When she has visitors from Tonga, they always visit her sister’s house and Sosina always welcomes them with open arms.

Connection with the Past

Alisi is holding a picture of her mother Tupou and explains how her “beautiful mother” raised sixteen children and did the best she could under the circumstances. She remembers her as being social, generous and someone who always loved her children equally. Alisi feels very proud and blessed to be Tupou’s daughter.

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