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Born in Kaya, South Sudan |

Amanie’s family left Sudan for Canada in 1992 fleeing from the civil war.

“We settled in Regina, Saskatchewan…pretty much the exact opposite of Sudan.”

When she turned sixteen, Amanie wanted to pursue a career in music and knowing Regina was too small, she set out for the big city of Toronto. After arriving in Toronto Amanie felt as if she was visiting the entire world in one city: every culture, ethnicity, religion – all were there. Currently Amanie continues to develop her career as a singer, model and actress.

Toronto as Home

Amanie is standing on the ramp that leads to Cloud Gardens at Richmond and Yonge. The first time Amanie went downtown; she came out of King Station, and felt overwhelmed by the sight of giant skyscrapers and busy streets. A few years later she stumbled upon Cloud Gardens. Here she feels balanced due to the presence of trees, waterfalls and the greenhouse, in spite of being surrounded by cars, skyscrapers, and people.

Connection with the Past

This tattoo “Made in Sudan” is significant since South Sudan only became an independent country in 2011. Amanie was born when the “country was a whole” and in 2010 when the referendum polls began, she decided to make, in ink – her connection to and a permanent reminder of the past.

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