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Born in Pointe Noire, Congo |

Andrea’s family left the Congo for Abidjan, the capital city of Ivory Coast because of his father’s work. The First Ivorian Civil War began in 1999 and they fled from Ivory Coast in 2002. Upon graduating from high school in Tunisia, Andrea decided to go to Montreal to complete his studies at Concordia University. After this he headed to Toronto seeking better job opportunities, and luckily was selected by the engineering consulting firm Exp Services Inc.  After living in many different places, and having been exposed to a variety of cultures, Andrea feels as if diverse Toronto is a suitable place to reside.

Toronto as Home

Andrea explains how his workplace is diverse and full of open-minded people. He feels that the more varied the environment is around you; the more eager you are to expose your cultural background to others. Andrea has already taught his co-workers a lot of things about the Congo including songs, dances, foods, facial expressions and colloquial sayings.

“I am sure that it reduces the misconceptions people usually have about Africa”.

Connection with the Past

In this photograph Andrea is standing beside his grandma, father and sister. He sees the picture as portraying the past, the present and the future. There is an African saying “l’eau chaude n’oubli pas qu’elle etait froide avant” which symbolically means “knowing where you come from will benefit you and guide you perfectly for future choices”.

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