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Born in Geneva, Switzerland |

After leaving Switzerland in the early 1990s, which he described as being too quiet and predictable,  Antoine began a life in Canada that started with studies at McGill University in Montreal. Following his graduation from University Antoine worked at a consultancy firm that transferred him to Calgary where he met his partner, a native of Medicine Hat, Alberta and together they headed for Toronto. One thing Antoine says he likes about Toronto is the fluid sense of belonging, as no one has ever questioned his origins, accent or choice of life partner.

“Right now the city is happening. It is changing quickly all around us.”

Toronto as Home

Currently Antoine employed as the Director of Innovation at Metrolinx, and works out of an office in Union Station. He wanted to be photographed at Union Station because it is the epicentre of his passions: transit, travel, architecture and history.

Connection with the Past

Although he recognizes it as being stereotypical, Antoine chose Gruyère cheese as his object that connects him with the past. He grew up eating cheese every day, especially fondue and describes it as “a real taste of home”. For Antoine, food is more important than objects, and remains an integral part of his memories of Switzerland.

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