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Born in Dakar, Senegal |

After completing  high school Asta came, on her own, to Canada  to finish her studies at York University. When she first arrived in Toronto she didn’t like it but after a few months, and after making new friends, she changed her mind. She explains how it is these connections that make her comfortable and make Toronto feel like a “second home”. Currently Asta is in her last year pursuing a  Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Her dream is to become an actuary and then to head back some day to Senegal to aid in its development.

Toronto as Home

Asta wanted to be photographed at her apartment building which was the first place she ever lived alone.  It is peaceful and it is where she spends time studying and thinking deeply about her life now and dreams of the future.  She also has made a close friend Tiana, a neighbour, and whenever she is lonely they can visit.

Connection to the Past

This gold necklace was given to her by her father seven years ago.  Asta emphasizes that when she holds it she never feels alone. Looking at this gift from her father makes her optimistic about the future.

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