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Born in Libreville, Gabon |

Brenda has difficulty remembering Gabon, and mostly only knows what her parents have told her about her place of birth. After living in Roosevelt Island she moved at age 7 to Cameroon, a place she remembers much more vividly. With help from her parents, Brenda came to Toronto to finish high school, then she pursued a degree in Biological Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton.  She says Toronto is home because it is where she has her “cozy apartment… filled with tons of shoes, clothes and blogging equipment”. Blogging is Brenda’s hobby and she covers a wide range of topics from fashion, events, weight loss and relationships to several issues that are plaguing Africa. This hobby has grown into something much bigger that she ever imagined it could have.  In this city her creativity has truly taken flight.

Toronto as Home

Brenda says that while Sony Canada was her second job it is her first “real” job with regular hours, and good pay and working conditions. As a result of working hard, Brenda was able to get her first DSLR camera for free. A lot of the equipment she uses for her blog is from Sony, so that’s why this place is so significant to her. Regular working hours have permitted her to have a social life, which in turn permits her to keep blogging.

Connection with the Past

Brenda’s Bible connects her not only to her country of birth, but also to all the other countries she has ever lived in such as Cameroon and America. She says “the Bible [is where] my family and I [have always] turned to in our darkest hour and we shall continue do this.”  She is holding the King James’ version because it is what her father was fond of using during their “morning devotions.” She says her Bible goes everywhere with her.

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