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Born in Morija, Lesotho |

Catherine’s parents met in Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. Her father was a civil engineer and her mother was a receptionist pursuing a modelling career and while working on a project together they fell in love. Sadly Catherine’s father passed away when she was only sixteen but her mother, working two jobs, saved enough money to enable Catherine to travel to Canada to study. Thanks to her mother’s sacrifices she is now studying Psychology and Nutritional Sciences at The University of Toronto. Coming here alone, with no real connections and having to blend into “western society” has not been easy for her – but it is this city that raised her “from a little girl into a woman”. Now Catherine feels as if the possibilities are endless.

Toronto as Home

The view of the city, where it first starts to appear while driving along the Gardiner Expressway, will, for Catherine, always be special.

“This is where I first laid eyes on the city and it reminds me of the first time I arrived here and how much I have changed.”

Connection with the Past

This is a miniature statue of Lesotho’s coat of arms.  It is a shield in front of with two crossed weapons, an assegai (lance) and a knobkierie (club).

“This representation of my country is important to me because it ‘represents’ the Sotho people, strong, traditional and descendants of independent warriors.” 

Catherine explains how, although she has a Canadian passport, she is Mosotho by birth, and the coat of arms is an important reminder of where she came from and of the things she has yet to conquer.

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