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Born in Beirut, Lebanon |

Chaker was born a stateless Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, growing up in Beirut’s Bourj El Barajneh Refugee Camp. He received the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award from York University and this sponsored his four years of undergraduate education. Chaker says he “came here alone and grew up with the diversity of Toronto” Since graduation, Chaker has been a successful public speaker on refugees, human rights, social media and international aid. He was also the host of the first humanitarian reality show, Faces of Transformation. Also he is an ambassador for many charities around the world such as “The Child Well-being Fund of Ukraine” and “Women’s Humanitarian Organization of Palestinians in Lebanon”. Finally, Chaker wrote the novel “Confessions of a War Child” inspired by stories of war children, and he is now ready to release the second installment of the trilogy.

Toronto as Home

Chaker wanted to be photographed by the pond at Passy Crescent Residences of York University. “Passy Crescent and this pond is where my journey of Toronto started,” Chaker says as he speaks about the time he spent listening to music and studying there. “Passy Crescent Residences is where I met people who became like family, and they all helped with my journey in life. The beauty and power of Toronto is in the bond found between its people. And in these residences is where I got to learn that.”

Connection with the Past

Chaker is holding his grandfather’s stamp collection. These stamps were collected during his grandfather’s childhood in the 50s, and he kept collecting up until 2002 when he died and they were left to Chaker. The two of them were very close. He plans to write a book one day inspired by his grandfather’s journey of leaving Palestine in 1948 to start the first generation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. “Everything in life has a story, and every story is a history in the making.”

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