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Born in Victoria, Seychelles |

Looking to escape a military coup, and provide better education for their children, Christopher’s family left Seychelles when he was eight. He then lived in Montreal, but started to feel like something was missing. When on a trip to Toronto to visit his siblings after the end of a relationship in Montreal he decided to start over in Toronto. He met his wife four years ago on EHarmony and now has a two year old daughter with a son on the way in April 2014. Even though he has travelled extensively he considers Toronto to be one of the best cities in the world for opportunities. Christopher owns his own construction company with his brother, and most of their work is in Africa. He envisions opening a Canadian school in an African country to allow more students there access to Canadian universities.

Toronto as Home

Part of the reason Christopher chose to move from Montreal to Toronto was the lakefront here. Being from an island nation he loves being by water. He has discovered that his daughter feels the same and they often walk together by the lake in Port Union. Christopher cherishes these special outings with her.

Connection with the Past

Most Seychellois have a coco de mer (the world’s largest nut) in their home and it certainly is a great conversation starter. It reminds him of his homeland, and the fact that the coco de mer cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world is special to him. This particular nut has been in his family since they left in 1982, and it is currently with his sister. The jelly from a coco de mer is said to be a natural aphrodisiac and Seychellois legend says that the male and female plants make love during windy nights as you can hear the leaves from the trees brushing against each other.

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