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Born in San Salvador, El Salvador |

After two years of planning, Claudia arrived in Toronto a few months ago to pursue her Postgraduate Degree in Children’s Media.  She found, after a lot of research, the one program that was the perfect fit.  Claudia quit her job in El Salvador and moved to Toronto.  She has always had a passion for all things “kids” and is now specializing in the writing, production and management of children’s media.  Her dream is “to enable the creation of meaningful content for children… [helping them] unleash their creative potential”.  The realization of this dream starts in Toronto.

Toronto as Home

As Claudia sits on the swing in Withrow Park she mentions that, “this is the first park I ever visited in Toronto and is now one of my favourites”. She appreciates spaces that are designed for children. These are places where Claudia feels comfortable, since “kids” are the main reason she is here. She says “whenever [she] is surrounded by children she feels at home because that is where her heart is”.

Connection with the Past

When leaving El Salvador, Claudia brought with her three bags of her mother’s favourite coffee. It is not a particularly fancy or expensive brand but for her, its “specific flavour holds so many family memories”. Every Saturday afternoon at home her family would sit in the living room after sharing a big meal, drinking coffee and chatting. She says, even though it may not be the biggest coffee producer, El Salvador is proud of its coffee – and Claudia happens to be a “coffee lover”.

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