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Born in Molfetta, Italy |

April 21st, 2012 is a day Dario will never forget. He had always loved Italy, but after finishing his studies in Hotel Management, he knew his future wasn’t there. His parents had both moved to Toronto in their early twenties with plane tickets and nothing else but had then returned to Italy and that is where, a few years later he was born. They always told him stories of this amazing country Canada that had welcomed them and given them a better life. Arriving here and feeling both excited and nervous, Dario was happy to discover that much of what his parents had told him about Canada was true. In a country like Italy change happens slowly and Dario finds Toronto to be much faster paced. He arrived here with little, but within four months he had a job as a manager at the Thompson Toronto hotel, his own condo and new friends. Now he feels he knows all the best spots in the city.

Toronto as Home

Dario loves being on the rooftop of his condo, looking out over the city and seeing the CN Tower and Sky Dome. He explains how every time he sees this spectacular view he thinks proudly “home sweet home”.

“I’ve always wanted to get a place on my own in the heart of a big city like Toronto.” 

Dario says at times he feels homesick, but every time that happens he goes to the rooftop, where he is reminded of the reason why he is here, and of what he has accomplished so far.

“My parents always wanted me to make it big and be successful in life, in a way I like to think I’m on the right path.”

Connection with the Past

Dario’s grandmother had cared for him since the day he was born, and has always been there when he needed her. Knowing how cold the Canadian winter can get she decided to make Dario a sweater to stay warm. This sweater reminds him of the moments they spent together back in Italy, and how much she and the rest of his family love him.

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