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Born in Yaloke, Central African Republic |

Due to civil war, Davila’s family was forced to flee the Central African Republic in 1997 when she was only four. After fleeing she lived with her aunt. Together they would live in many different countries as her aunt was employed by the United Nations.  Eventually, because of the 2010 post-electoral crisis in Ivory Coast she had to leave.  Davila came to Canada because her brother was already living here.  She emphasizes her love for Toronto.

“Having lived through so many wars I love seeing people from so many different cultures cohabit peacefully.”

Currently Davila is studying Globalization and International Development at the University of Ottawa and hopes to one day help with the development of Africa.

Toronto as Home

Davila wanted to be photographed at the Eglinton Tim Horton’s.  This is where she studies, sits with her friends, and drinks her favourite peppermint tea. She will never forget the time that her friends brought her here in 2012. They got her a blueberry muffin, put a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday. This was the first birthday cake she had had in seven years.

Connection with the Past

This is a photograph of Davila’s parents on their wedding day, something she remembers seeing on the wall of their house in the C.A.R.. Davila’s father was a mathematics professor and her mother was a housewife. After they fled from the C.A.R., both of her parents died from complications associated with HIV.  She remembers her mother as a quiet woman and her father as someone who loved children and believed in the importance of education. He always asked for, and listened to Davila’s opinions. This photograph reminds her of the love they had for each other, and how “they completed each other perfectly”.

“The time I spent with them is the most beautiful souvenir I have from my country.”

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