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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil |

Diogo thinks Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, however, due to violence and corruption, he couldn’t see a future there for his family. After spending three years in Canada, working as a Web Developer, Diogo is excited to soon be a father and start a family with his partner. Diogo visited many major cities in Canada, but it was Toronto where he felt like he fit in.

“I didn’t feel like an immigrant…more like a small piece of a big cultural puzzle.”

Toronto as Home

From his house to work Diogo takes three buses, and spends a total of three hours on public transportation every day. Even though he has a car, he prefers the TTC and considers it a luxury when compared to the state of public transit in Brazil. Diogo spends so much time on the TTC that he started a “movie of the day” project where he watches and reviews a film each day.

Connection with the Past

This is a bottle of cachaca, the most popular alcohol in Brazil. It, along with sugar cane and lime, are the essential ingredients for making caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil. Diogo explains how every Brazilian household has a bottle of cachaca. He is also holding his own shot glass, with the iconic image of the world’s largest statue of Christ (Christ the Redeemer), which overlooks Rio de Janeiro.

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