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Born in Casal das Patas, Portugal |

Dulce left Portugal at 18 with her family in search of better future. The small community where she lived simply did not have the opportunities her parents wanted for their children. Dulce feels at home in Toronto because it is the place that took them in, gave her family the opportunity to be who they are, and allowed them to achieve what they wanted in life. Today Dulce keeps very busy as an Actress/Producer/Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and Interpreter/Marker of Interpreting exams. As an Actress/Producer, Dulce is currently co-producing and acting in a series called Out of Time, and has just been cast in a project, currently in development, that will begin shooting in 2014.  When reading for this, she met another female actress / producer who was also seeking meaningful roles for women of their age, and together they have decided to write and produce a project based on strong female characters.

Toronto as Home

Dulce is sitting inside Nova Era on Dundas St., her favourite Portuguese bakery. This bakery is located in the heart of Toronto’s Portuguese community, close to the most prominent Portuguese TV and radio stations and many Portuguese shops.   Most importantly this bakery serves a delicious Galão (Portuguese latte), Dulce’s favourite coffee drink!

Connection with the Past

Dulce holds a photograph of her late maternal grandmother who, despite her age and lack of education, was the only person in the family with the vision and belief that Dulce would realize her dreams.  This picture was taken in grandma’s old kitchen where homemade bread and other goodies were often baked in the traditional wooden oven. Avo Deolinda was the sweetest person and her presence is always felt in Dulce’s heart.

Dulce is also a speaker with the Passages Canada storytelling initiative. Check out her profile here.

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