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Born in Funafuti, Tuvalu |

Elisaia is a follower of the Bahá’í faith, and in 2005 he went to Haifa, Israel to volunteer at the religion’s holy sites. It was there that he met his wife Enas, who is from Whitby, Ontario. In 2007 they married in Israel and immigrated to Canada. Since arriving, Elisaia has studied computer networking and communications and now has a fulfilling career in IT. He and his wife now have a Canadian son, Malakai, who is unique in being of Tuvaluan, Egyptian, and Afghani decent. Elisaia has travelled the world, and lived in countries as diverse as Nauru, Fiji, and New Zealand but this is the first time since leaving Tuvalu that he feels at home.

Toronto as Home

Elisaia and his family spend a lot of time at Whitby’s Harbourfront in the summer. He misses being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and this part of Lake Ontario is the closest body of water to where he lives now. Being by the water is a peaceful experience and it brings back his childhood memories of swimming, fishing and boating on the ocean.

Connection with the Past

When Elisaia last visited Tuvalu he was given many precious seashell necklaces as he boarded the plane to leave. Shell handicrafts have a strong traditional significance in Tuvalu and were once considered prized possessions. Nowadays, this jewellery is given to relatives or friends departing Tuvalu. They are also given to guests at special occasions, visiting high-ranking officials, and are worn by men and women when performing local dances. These necklaces are precious to Elisaia as they are a piece of home.

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