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Born in Gunnedah, Australia |

Emily explains how the decision to be an exchange student was based on her longing to meet great people, be independent, and visit Canada: a country she has heard good things about. Since arriving in Scarborough she has felt at home because of the connections she has made with others. Here she has joined other students doing sports such as curling, field hockey and tag football, enrolled in a local high school, participated in cadets, shopped downtown, and enjoyed all the things any Canadian teen could do here in the GTA. At this time she is still exploring the world and hopes eventually to enter a career that allows her to be involved and live happily and healthily.

Toronto as Home

This is the path near her exchange family’s house in Scarborough. Every day since coming to Canada she has walked through this ‘beautiful forest’ on her way to school. Emily says this place brings her serenity. Describing herself as originally being a “country girl”, she finds it to be a nice change from the urban environment, and values “nice quiet places to escape the energetic city life”. For Emily, this trail through the park feels rather “untouched”, as she rarely sees many other people.

Connection with the Past

Emily is holding her diary, a book she has been writing in everyday over the past year. She says that since she is away from Australia, it has been a great way for her to connect and record, through the written word, her thoughts of life here and life back in Australia. There are some sketches she has drawn to capture certain Canadian memories she holds dear like the one she did while on holiday in Newfoundland. One morning she just sat on a jetty and looked out across the vast ocean.

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