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Born in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea | 

After seeing Canadian scenery on television, Esther dreamed of coming to what she called “Snow Land”. In Papua New Guinea Esther was a social worker, involved with helping women who had been subjected to violence. She felt that there, her freedom of speech was restricted, the government was corrupt, and human rights were being ignored. Esther knew that staying meant she would continue to have limited opportunities for professional growth. Although she has only now been in Toronto for a year she already appreciates the city’s diversity and how safe she feels here. There is a lot more freedom for women in Canada, and she is comfortable walking and taking the subway alone. In Port Moresby it could be dangerous for a woman to walk by herself after dark. Presently Esther is studying to be a social worker with a focus on geriatric care.

Toronto as Home

Esther is standing in front of The Church of Christ in Brampton. When online she met a woman from Papua New Guinea who has been living in the Greater Toronto Area for almost three decades. This woman introduced her to this church and it has become a place where she can socialize and feel at peace. Currently she is doing Bible studies there.

Connection with the Past

This is Esther’s handicraft. She fabricates bags from twisted ropes and it takes a month to make just one!  This cultural activity is something she would do in Papua New Guinea and she enjoys doing here in Canada as well. Fibres are taken from the trunk of the yell tree, scraped to make them soft, dried in the sun, twisted and made into ropes. This particular bag is being crafted for a friend’s laptop.

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