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Born in Qamishli, Syria |

Fadi’s path to priesthood brought him to Canada. After leaving Syria, he unsuccessfully tried to enter Israel to start his studies. He then travelled to Italy to study philosophy and theology to prepare for the priesthood. After living in Italy for two years he transferred to Lebanon to continue studying but he couldn’t stay there for long, as his parents needed financial help. He came to Toronto in 2004 to work as a model, but he simply wasn’t making much money so he began doing construction to support his parents.

“In 2008, I started feeling again the same call that [he] had felt as a child to become a priest and decided to look for a religious order in Canada.”

He found the Capuchin Franciscans and he has been with them ever since.  Currently he is studying and living communally with priests and brothers at a Franciscan house. He expects to officially become a Capuchin priest of the Holy Catholic Church four years from now. Fadi considers Toronto home because he believes that this was God’s plan for him and he embraces that.

Toronto as Home

Fadi is standing inside the St. Conrad Friary, a Capuchin Franciscan house in North York where he now lives. It is important for him to be photographed here because it is the place that allows Fadi to fulfill the plan and the purpose that God had for him when he came to Toronto. Here Fadi is surrounded by a group of priests and brothers and they live as a community, sharing meals and prayers with a focus on being close to God and serving others.

Connection with the Past

Fadi is holding a plate of hummus, a dish that connects him to his roots in Syria. He explains how it is the one of his favourite foods, and one that his mother taught him how to make. At the Capuchin Franciscan house his hummus has helped him connect with the others because they love when he prepares it.

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