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Born in Grenoble, France |

Florent “wanted to see what was on the other side of this ocean”, so he left France looking for adventure and new experiences. In France he had heard many positive things about Canada, so he was curious to see if they were true or not.  As soon as he heard about a job opening in his company’s Toronto office he applied. From the moment Florent arrived in Toronto he says he has always felt welcome, it is where his life is now and he can’t imagine being anywhere else. What makes Toronto special for Florent is the fact that it is one of North America’s ‘big cities’ yet it is still full of empty spaces and nature. Florent now works as a software engineer in a small downtown office.

Toronto as Home

Florent is standing among the crowds at the St. Lawrence Market, an area near his Toronto home. On weekends Florent loves to go out in the morning, grab a coffee and wander around the market while the streets are still empty. He usually goes there to shop for fresh vegetables or to indulge in the awesome peameal bacon sandwiches of the carousel bakery.  That, he says, is the best way to start a Saturday.

Connection with the Past

Florent keeps a small bottle of lavender oil that was given to him by his parents to remind him of his previous home in Provence. That region of France is where he grew up and it has numerous lavender fields.  Florent’s parents have always grown it in their garden and breathing in this fragrance reminds him of where he comes from.

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