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Born in Cairo, Egypt |

The son of an Indian diplomat, Gautam lived in Egypt until he was three. From then until the age of 18, he traveled and lived in many countries including a few years in Canada. When his father retired, the family returned to New Delhi where Gautam completed his higher education and went on to build a successful career. One day he casually asked his wife:

“If there was any place on this earth you would like to live in, where would that be?”

Gautam explains how what started as a conversation eventually became a reality.

“Where there is a will, there will be a way.”

The decision to move to Canada was not a random one, they did their research,  evaluated US, UK, Canada and Australia and after comparing them, Canada came out the winner. Five years have passed since they arrived and they now have family and friends here, their own home and fulfilling employment. Gautam is the Vice President of Canada’s oldest multicultural marketing agency, Balmoral Multicultural Marketing.  He and his wife Vineeta are both very involved in the local community, help support newcomers to Canada, and in 2011 he was awarded the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award.

Toronto as Home

Gautam is standing inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC). It is here where, after arriving in Canada he attended weekly networking meetings. These sessions helped him meet senior Canadian corporate executives and gave him a deeper understanding of how they operate, their mannerisms, dress code and expectations. This helped him acclimatize to Canadian corporate life.

Connection with the Past

Gautam is holding an old photo album. In the photo to the left are his mum, his sister Roma and him, in Cairo. His mother’s origins are in Prague and this is where she met his dad who was posted there by the Indian High Commission. After marriage she left there and has traveled the world with her family, finally settling in India after her husband’s retirement. This photo album brings back memories of Gautam’s earlier years as there are photos of his immediate family who now live around the world as well his childhood friends from many different countries. Gautam values his multicultural upbringing and the memories that are triggered by this album.

Gautam is also a speaker with the Passages Canada storytelling initiative. Check out his profile here.

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