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Born in Fes, Morocco |

Hamid didn’t know what to expect when he came to Canada to be with his wife, as it was the first time he had ever left Morocco. Upon landing, he says he immediately felt that this was home. Although his wife had told him about the hospitality of Canadians he was still surprised when he experienced it first-hand. Even the immigration people were friendly and he remembers helping the officer translate for another Moroccan visitor who didn’t speak English. The human rights we have in Canada he says, such as religious freedom and the freedom of speech are important. According to Hamid it is possible to pursue a career here; unlike in his country where the opportunities are often only available to wealthy people. Currently Hamid is a machine operator in a factory, he is studying to improve his English, and then he hopes to pursue a career in engineering.

Toronto as Home

Hamid is standing outside CALC (City Adult Learning Centre) where he started studying last year. Hamid attends classes there two nights a week, saying that this is a place where he feels comfortable. AT CALC he has the chance to meet many different people and to learn more about Canada. The school also represents his dream of getting a degree, and this adult education program is the first step towards this goal.

Connection with the Past

Hamid is holding a typical Moroccan casserole dish called tagine that was given to him by his mother. The tagine is used by most Moroccan households to cook their food and it reminds him of his time in Morocco and the delicious food his mother used to prepare for him. The beef tagine was one of his favourites.

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