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Born in Tabriz, Iran |

Hassan left Iran due to socio-political problems and a feeling that he wasn’t accepted there. Coming to Canada was like a new door opening for him, a chance for a new life and opportunities. He currently lives with his brother, is attending school to improve his English language skills and is planning on pursuing a career in Electrical Engineering.

Toronto as Home

Hassan is a lover of soccer and wanted to be photographed at BMO field where Toronto FC play. He loves that in the stadium there is a spot where the Canadian flag is painted on the seating area. Since access to the field was restricted for security reasons, Hassan was photographed near his home – at the field in Sunnybrook Park, where he plays soccer with his friends. He says he loves soccer because it clears his mind, takes him away from life’s concerns and, although he has few connections here to Iran, it helps to take him back to the country of his birth.

Connection with the Past

Hassan is holding a scarf for his hometown team Tractor FC that was given to him by a close friend. Tabriz City is known for its ancient historic sites and for this popular football club, owned by the city’s Tractor Manufacturing Company. Hassan says that while there are many things about Iran he does not like, the Tabriz soccer team is something he feels positive about.

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