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Born in Port Louis, Mauritius |

In 1988, Ida and her fiancé seized the opportunity to leave their home in Mauritius to live in Toronto. Her late father had always dreamed of having a successful son or daughter living in Canada so that he and his wife could go and visit. One of seven children, Ida was the first to fulfil her father’s wish. The first few years here, when they lived near High Park in a small apartment, were hard. Ida was very homesick, as it was her first time away from her family. Adapting to a new culture, learning English, job hunting, and dealing with the winter were all challenges. Eventually, after finding fulfilling employment as a bilingual legal assistant, she and her husband bought their first home in Mississauga. They have two children, Melissa and Matthew, who she describes as a blessing and the centre of their lives. She is now employed in the Public Sector and, by working very hard, Ida was able to bring her parents for a visit to Canada three times. This fulfilled her father’s dream.

Toronto as Home

When Ida first left Mauritius she only had a small place, but she now has her very own home. She thanks her parents who never stopped believing in and providing for her. Ida is standing in her Mississauga dream home: a corner lot with beautiful landscaping, the purchase of which she worked very hard for. Owning it feels like such an accomplishment. Her living room, where she has spent many hours talking to her parents on Skype, is one of her favourite places and here she is surrounded by pictures of family.

“Now that my dad is gone, when I talk to my mom, I can still feel my dad’s presence when I look at his picture on the mantel.”  

Connection with the Past

Ida is holding the ring her dad gave her when she left Mauritius in 1988. It is her mom’s engagement ring, and he wanted her to have it as an heirloom. Ida says she has, since the day she left, kept both the ring and her parents close to her heart.

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