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Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria |

At the age of eight Inna left post-Cold War Bulgaria with her family to come to Canada. It was a time of great instability for Bulgaria and Inna was thankful to be able to complete her schooling in Canada and enter a career in teaching. She is currently teaching ESL to adults at the City Adult Learning Centre.

Toronto as Home

Inna wanted to be photographed at her favourite spot in Toronto, the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant. Her mother would take Inna and her sister to the plant on weekends to walk and enjoy the scenic waterfront. Inna, who is trained as a Geography teacher, is also interested in water systems and shared that she is perplexed that even with all this clean water, Canadians still drink bottled water!

Connection with the Past

Inna keeps this photograph of her grandparents in her room to remind her that, even though they are not alive today, they are watching over her. When Inna was born, her grandmother selflessly retired early to take care of her granddaughter, something Inna is very thankful for. She feels lucky to have been raised with the love and support of her grandparents, as they taught her many valuable lessons that helped shape her into the woman she is today.

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