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Born in Tarragona, Spain | 

Ivan left Spain in 2008, “feeling like a fish in a bowl” as his personality and thoughts didn’t match his passport. After studying and working in the US, Ivan came to Toronto in 2011 and believes that arriving here was his “destiny”. His company, involved in the transportation sector, needed someone willing to be a part of their expansion plan, and once he heard it was Toronto, he jumped at the opportunity. Ivan considers Toronto home because it is where he sleeps at night, and it gives him the opportunity to grow personally and professionally with respect, good values and balance. Now he has friends from all over the world.

“Like me, they all are Torontonians, and they all arrived to this city with the same world-citizen spirit.”

Currently Ivan, trained as a civil and architectural engineer, works as a bid design manager for an international infrastructure company.

Toronto as Home

Ivan wanted to be photographed on Roncesvalles Avenue. He explains how its name comes from the Battle of Roncesvalles that took place in the Roncesvalles Pass in North of Spain in 1813. He loves seeing the variety of activities people can participate in in this area: families out walking, elderly people going to church, couples in love having a Saturday brunch on a terrace, people shopping in the great local grocery stores or runners jumping over to High Park for a refreshing workout. He explains how peoples’ deepest feelings are connected to this street which he calls his new home.

Connection with the Past

Bread with olive oil, tomato, and jamón ibérico accompanied by a glass of Spanish wine. This is very important to Ivan, and “any Spaniard”.

“This represents the roots and values of our country.”

The importance of agriculture, gastronomy and socio-cultural customs. As the Spanish proverb says, “a comer, beber, bailar y gozar que el mundo se va a acabar” (let’s go eat, drink, dance and enjoy because the world is going to end).

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