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Born in Lomé, Togo |

Jean-Christophe’s family moved from Togo to Ethiopia, as his father had a job there with the African Union. In the summer of 2009 Jean-Christophe came to Toronto for his brother’s wedding. He says he noticed right away how the customs officers in Canada treated him just like any other ‘Canadian’, and he found the general public to be polite and welcoming.

“As soon as I passed the Terminal One door I felt like I was part of a huge community.”

Like most of his high school friends from Ethiopia, he knew he probably would pursue further education overseas. Since he was in Canada, and already falling in love with Toronto, he decided to stay. Lycée Français de Toronto accepted him and that is where he completed high school. Now he is studying international transportation and customs at Seneca College. Although he has visited a lot of places, he says none of them are quite like Toronto.

Toronto as Home

The Krav Maga Training Centre was the first place in the city where Jean-Christophe met many great people and getting involved in this Israeli martial art and self-defense system has changed his life. He explains how Rob, the head instructor, is a great motivator, and how people at the centre like Rob, have helped Jean-Christophe be the man he is today.

Connection with the Past

Jean-Christophe’s parents sent him this container of holy water from Lourdes, France to protect him from ‘bad luck’. Lourdes water flows from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. Many people claim to have been cured after drinking or bathing in it. By sending this small gift, his parents have demonstrated how much they worry about, and love him.  This helps Jean-Christophe realize the importance of making them proud in all that he does.

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