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Born in Cuenca, Ecuador |

For Lorena, the move to Canada was both an exciting opportunity and a great challenge. After coming here, first to vacation, then to study, she finally stayed hoping for new experiences and wanting to expand her comfort zone. In Ecuador Lorena grew up around an “extremely conservative and patriarchal way of thinking” and this influenced her decision to leave for Canada. Here she feels as if hierarchy is less of an issue, and that one can question authority. She is aware that her life could be more comfortable by now if she had chosen the “traditional safe Ecuadorian way”.  Toronto is now where she considers home because she has worked hard here to build her character and become the woman she is today. She has had to put in an incredible amount of time and effort to succeed in this competitive city. Fitting in, assimilating, has not been easy and she retains some Ecuadorian traditions as well as adopting new ones. Both Canada and Ecuador have offered her valuable lessons and neither is completely perfect. The day she decided to move to Toronto and all the experiences that came afterwards lead her to find her French soul mate who she wants to build a future with. Today Lorena works as a Technical Recruiter at Provision IT. 

Toronto as Home

Lorena feels at home in the Financial District.

“It depicts the core of my time in Toronto, a city that offered me challenge and dynamism.”

The area brings her strong feelings of pride and accomplishment as this is where her career flourished. At first it was hard for Lorena to find the job she wanted but now she is a recruiter and advises people on how to land their dream job.

Connection with the Past

This is a picture of Lorena’s mother Julia Ordóñez, a single parent, holding her as a young child. Julia was always a fighter; a quality Lorena believes has rubbed off on her. The strong opinions of her mother often differed from hers, but she always knew that her mother had her best interest at heart. Julia had moved from her small Ecuadorian town Azogues, to the big city, Cuenca, where she flourished and this is now something that her daughter, with her move to Toronto, can understand. This shared experience has strengthened their bond. Lorena’s experience in Toronto has made her appreciate what she had back in Ecuador and she will likely return there one day to be close to her family.

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