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Born in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines |

Lynsay prides herself on being both Vincentian and Canadian. Lynsay’s Canadian mother Susan was exploring St. Vincent when she met a man and fell in love.  They got married and opened a tourism and scuba diving business and Lynsay and her older brother Vincent were born but when Lynsay was just five the marriage ended.  Susan’s sisters and mother convinced her to come home to Canada so they could help with the children. At first they lived in an apartment in Oakville, and then when her grandmother passed away, they moved into the ‘family’ home where Lynsay’s mother was raised. In 2012, the house was sold, and when her mother moved up north to cottage country, Lynsay moved downtown Toronto for excitement and job opportunities. Lynsay feels as if her formative years were spent in the GTA so it does feel like home.

Toronto as Home

Maple Leaf Square is where Lynsay’s first apartment was located and for a Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan, it was perfect! The excitement when the Leafs play and especially when they made the play-offs last year – was palpable. Even from her apartment she can hear the buzzer in the ACC go off when they score a goal!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better spot.”

Connection with the Past

This is a handmade boat from Bequia, one of the islands that make up the Grenadines. It was given to Lynsay’s mother when she first moved to St. Vincent and it has always been there. It reminds her of her childhood home, the ocean and her plan to go back there someday to sail the Grenadines.

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