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Born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan |

Along with seeking better opportunities and a stable political situation, Madina and her husband moved here because of Canada’s well-developed health care system. They had lost their first son in Kyrgyzstan due to what Madina describes as “a mistake by the doctors”.  It was after this tragedy that they decided to leave their country, and start a new life overseas. Two years ago, after graduating from university and having her second son, the young family came to Canada and another son was born here. So far she says she has always felt comfortable in this ‘city of immigrants’. Currently Madina is studying at Seneca College, working as the General Manager for her husband’s moving company RoMADA, and raising her two young children.

Toronto as Home

Madina feels at home while enjoying what the city has to offer after dark. She explains how in Kyrgyzstan people enjoy night life and how going to clubs in Toronto like Cube and Gravity help her relax on the weekends. At first she had no one to go out with, but within a few weeks of being here she met Bermet, who is also from Kyrgyzstan. Now they often enjoy the nightlife together.

Connection with the Past

Madina is holding a handmade leather picture. She explains how it is an ancient craft and many women in Kyrgyzstan can make these. In the picture you can see handmade houses called “yurtas” that mountain people once lived in. Today tourists can visit and stay in yurtas for a high fee. She says most of her friends from Kyrgyzstan who now live elsewhere, would probably have a picture similar to this hanging on their walls. It reminds her of her country, a small place surrounded by beautiful mountains.

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