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Born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina |

Marko was only six years old during the breakup of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. After the war, his family migrated from what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina to Canada. Despite the struggle of learning English and a new school system, Marko remembers feeling welcomed in Toronto.

Toronto as Home

Marko wanted to be photographed at the Women’s College Hospital where he works as a pharmacist. The Hospital holds a special significance for Marko, who spent a great deal of time there with his mother before losing her to ovarian cancer five years ago. He says this experience with his mother made him want to be a better pharmacist and he is glad that he gets to work in a place that focuses on women’s health.

Connection with the Past

In Marko’s hands is an old book of pharmaceutical compounds hand-written by his mother and grandmother. The book uses many of the local herbs available in the region where he was born, and focuses on many natural remedies; all of which are of particular historical interest to Marko.

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