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Born in Algiers, Algeria |

When Mohamed was ten years old the Algerian military interrupted the first democratic elections to be held in the country, igniting a civil war that would last a decade. Over 100,000 people lost their lives, and Mohamed would be a witness to great suffering and violence. Seven years after the end of the civil war, and a graduate of Algiers University, Mohamed left the country, moving to Dubai for work. “I knew I couldn’t live there any longer,” he said.  Mohamed wanted to do his MBA abroad, and set his sights on the province of Quebec, where universities offered great programs in his second language, French. He moved to Montreal, a city he enjoyed tremendously, but found himself pushed away by the “ambient nationalism” of the province. He reconsidered his plan to apply for an MBA in Quebec, and in 2011 moved to Toronto along with a friend who was in the same situation.

“I value that Torontonians do not need to live in fear of each other – the city feels like it is a place where I belong.”

He currently works as a Bilingual Customer Service Representative, and still plans to pursue his MBA in Toronto and seize the career opportunities the city has to offer.

Toronto as Home

Woodbine Beach is a special place for Mohamed – a spot where he says he felt his first real connection to Toronto. In the winter this is where he runs and in the summer where he cycles. He describes himself as an outdoor person – so living in this area is perfect.

Connection with the Past 

Mohamed’s mother - Yemma as he used to call her - passed away in 2002, and her baking is something he remembers fondly. As a young boy, he enjoyed makrout, an Algerian sweet that she used to make. Still today they are his favorite dessert, and he has learned how to make them. Makrout remind him of both his mother and his country of birth.

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