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Born in Mamankhe, Nepal |

Mohan describes how over the years the drought of honest, far-sighted and independently functioning leadership in developing Nepal has been very frustrating for the people. In spite of this, he is proud of the country’s rich cultural heritage and the fact that it is the birthplace of Buddha and home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Mohan came to Canada to see the Western World, believing he could live a more fulfilling life in a developed country.  He chose Toronto because he had heard that it was a city tolerant of immigrants and that the weather wasn’t quite as harsh as in other parts of the country. Since arriving he has been impressed by the support systems present, especially for his children. Currently Mohan is studying Social Work at York University.

Toronto as Home

Since arriving in Canada, St. James Town has been home for Mohan’s family. He says some three hundred Nepalese families live in this area, which he finds comforting. His children, now eight and eleven, attend Rose Avenue Jr. Public School, a welcoming place that provides education to a very diverse community. Mohan likes that his children, through their school friends, are exposed to many different cultural practices.  In addition to the school, Mohan has found the parks, pool, and various programs for newcomers available in the St. James Town community to be very supportive.

Connection with the Past

Nepali dhaka topi is the name of the cap that Mohan is wearing. The dhaka topi is part of the Nepali dress which also features daura-suruwalDaura is worn as a shirt and suruwal is worn as pants. Wearing this dhaka topi reminds Mohan both of Nepal, and of his father who also wears one. In Canada, he wears it for cultural gatherings, feasts, and festivals. He explains how the Nepali dhaka topi, for him represents Nepali identity.

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