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Born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan |

Nilofar’s family came to Canada because Tajikistan was going through a Civil War. Tajikistan was part of the Soviet Union, so in 1991 it broke away, becoming an independent state. As like any parents, Nilofar’s wanted what was best for their children and that is growing up in a place that will give them many opportunities for a better future. According to Nilofar, coming to Toronto was one of the best decisions they have made. In Toronto Nilofar says she never feels “out of place”, and it is here where she realized her love for the arts, something she has been involved with since ten years of age. She started out with dance and talent shows, and in highschool started concentrating on acting. Currently she is working at the CN Tower part-time and is an aspiring actress.

Toronto as Home

Nilofar feels a special affinity for Dundas Square. It is always so full of life, with people meeting there, shopping, performing and celebrating cultural festivities.  She appreciates this prominent landmark in Toronto. Nilofar says that “since art plays such a big important part in my life it only makes sense to have my picture taken in a place that is full of art.”

Connection with the Past

Nilofar is wearing a traditional hat called a toki from a small village called Khorog.

“Everytime I perform a traditional dance it is very important that I have the hat on as it symbolizes who I am and where I originally came from. The moment people see me wearing a Toki they automatically know where I am from.”

Nilofar says she is always proud to say that she is from Tajikistan.

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