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Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia |

Nour lived most her life in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and then her family decided to migrate to Canada, seeking out a more ‘open’ life that would be easier for her and her siblings to adapt to. Both of her parents had studied overseas, and they wanted their children to have similar experiences. She says Toronto has become her home, as it is where most of her memories are from. Also, Nour says she has gained so much here like her diverse group of friends.

“I now have a friend from almost every part of the world.”  

Currently Nour is studying Political Science at York University.

 Toronto as Home

Nour’s favourite spots in the GTA are definitely shisha lounges. Although she recognizes it as ‘cliché’ she says it is where her and her friends can hang out as if they were in the Middle East. It is important to note that there are no shisha lounges in Saudi Arabia, but it is still a favorite social pastime Nour would enjoy with her cousins and relatives at home. In Toronto, shisha lounges are great places to meet new people. She specifically loves Sheesha Lounge on Bloor Street because of its central location, multicultural elements exemplified by its variety of foods (like pizza), and diverse visitors.

 Connection with the Past

This necklace is something Nour cherishes. The Saudi Arabia National Emblem consists of two swords crossing under a palm tree, with the swords representing the kingdoms of Nejd and Hijaz, and the palm tree standing for the Kingdom’s assets: people, heritage, history, and resources. Nour purchased the necklace a year after moving to Toronto and every time she wears it she misses her country of birth, but remembers that she will always have a home here and there.

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