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Born in Gzira, Malta |

Shortly after Peter was born, his father became unemployed, and was unable to find new work in both Malta and England. Peter’s Uncle who was living in Toronto informed the family that there were lots of jobs in Canada. It was a country that Peter’s father had visited twice previously as a member of the British Navy and in 1972 the entire family migrated to Canada. Peter has always had a love of nature and animals and, although he knew it would be challenging, he decided to pursue working in the field of wildlife photography. Currently he teaches at the School of Photography and is the executive director of the Photographic Museum of Ontario.

Toronto as Home

Previously in Malta, and now here in Toronto, Peter’s family likes to eat a popular Maltese dish called Pastizzi. They make it at home or sometimes they purchase it at the Malta Bake Shop, which is a well-known place for the Maltese community. Charlie, the owner, has become a good friend of Peter’s family and even attends his parents’ birthdays and anniversary parties. Peter still regularly visits Charlie’s shop, making sure to bring his children with him “from time to time so that they get a little taste of Malta.”

Connection with the Past

Peter’s mother received this Maltese Cross on the day that Peter was born. The Maltese Cross dates back to the sixteenth century when the Knights Hospitaller were in Malta. Peter explains how this unique cross was given to the Maltese by St. John Vallette, and these days it is seen as part of the St. John’s Ambulance logo.

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