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Born in Stockholm, Sweden |

Toronto had never been on Rebecka’s bucket list, but after being placed here for work, the city felt like home within weeks. Until recently she worked at the Swedish Trade Council in Toronto, but when her position was transferred back to Stockholm, she decided to stay, and now works as an environmental sustainability consultant. Rebecka observes that Canada and Sweden share similar social values and climate. Both countries have a state monopoly on alcohol, are crazy about hockey and offer free health care to its citizens.

“We Swedes are better at hockey, but Canadians have warmer hearts and invented the butter tart.”

Toronto as Home

Rebecka fell in love with Matt last summer, and is now learning to sail at Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, where Matt has his boat.

“Stockholm is built on several islands between a big fresh water lake and the Baltic Sea. I grew up loving everything about the sea and knew how to swim by the age of 4 or 5. I can’t count the times I’ve ended up taking a dip in my underwear as a result of not carrying a bikini with me at all times.”

Being on the water makes her incredibly happy.

“Toronto is exceptionally beautiful when viewed from the lake.”

Connection with the Past

When Rebecka turned 30 her grandmother gave her an old brass candleholder, which she herself received from her husband’s family when she was 30. Engraved on the bottom of the candleholder is her grandmother’s “personal number” – something that every Swedish person is assigned. Her grandma wanted the candles inside this holder to light up Rebecka’s moments of both joy and sadness, just as they had lit up such moments in her own life. Light has a specific historical significance for Swedes. The celebration of St. Lucia’s Day on December 13th, which dates back to the Middle Ages, honours Saint Lucy as a young woman bringing sweets and light to the poor.

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