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Born in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago |

With a great grandfather who spent time at Dalhousie University, parents that went to college in Canada, and uncles that went to McGill, Renee’s family has had ties to Canada for more than a century. After vacationing frequently in Canada, her parents moved the family to Mississauga. Finding little to do on weekends, Renee would often take the TTC to Toronto. Now, she works as a journalist and community manager, owns a condo in the city, and loves having the freedom to be able to go out and get a coffee at 3:00 a.m.

Toronto as Home

Renee wanted to be photographed outside her North Toronto condo at the intersection of Broadway and Eglinton. This area is special to her because it is changing rapidly from low-rise mock Tudor homes, to tall shiny condo buildings.

“Some people are happy, some are not, but everyone is talking about the changes taking place.”

She likes walking the streets and emphasizes how,

“Toronto is really good at eye-level.”

Connection with the Past

The Naparima High School Cookbook is a collection of Trinidadian/West Indian recipes. Renee likes it because, “it has everything all in one book”, with recipes from the different cultures that make up Trinidad and Tobago (Indian, African, Chinese, Middle Eastern, European, Carib and Arawak).

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