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Born in Bucharest, Romania |

As twin sisters born into a very close and highly educated family, Rosalind and Lorelei grew up surrounded by love, happiness, and strong family values. They left their Romania soon after completing their first postgraduate degrees with the desire to continue their education and to establish a new life in Canada. After settling in Toronto they soon completed their Masters and PhDs at York University. Later each of them received two NSERC and HSF postdoctoral fellowships. They enjoy the variety of experiences they can have in the city, from a peaceful stroll in the park to the busy classrooms at the university. Both work as scientists and they are doing important work at the University of Toronto in the Cardiovascular and Cancer Research/Cell Division (Rosalind) and in Neurophysiology / Learning and Memory (Lorelei). They have also been involved in teaching at U of T in Scarborough (Lorelei) and Sheridan College (Rosalind), been Deans of Royal Crown College of Business & Technology as well as acting as academic consultants for the medical and dental schools. Working with many charitable projects brings them satisfaction and in 2009 they won the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award.

Toronto as Home

Rosalind and her sister are sitting in their parents’ home at Avenue and Lawrence. It is filled with artifacts connecting their family to Romania and their Jewish faith, as well a lot of their own art. Both Rosalind and Lorelei both enjoy painting as a hobby.

Connection with the Past

Rosalind and Lorelei are holding their family tree. In the upper row are the twins as babies. The next one shows their parents and the last one is their grandparents. This little silver tree contains images of the people they love the most. While their mother is still alive, both their Harvard trained university-professor scientist father, and their grandparents have passed. They explain how this tree is the only place where they are all still together.

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