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Born in Maputo, Mozambique |

In 2006, with the help of an organization for artists called Shakespeare Link Canada, Salé came to Toronto to participate in the XVI International AIDS conference. This same organization in 2009 helped him obtain a scholarship with Ballet Creole and this is how he finally ended up in Toronto.  Today he works with different companies as a dancer, choreographer, model and he also teaches.  The fact that the dance community here is so large makes being a part of it special for Salé. Even though he doesn’t have relatives here, he never feels lonely.  Salé continues to dream big, wishing one day to study international relations and development then return to Mozambique to help his country.

Toronto as Home

Essentially it was art that brought Salé to Canada. Through his craft he is building a successful career and making many people happy along the way. This is why the Ontario College of Arts and Design is a symbolic place for Salé as, growing up; he couldn’t imagine that such an institution existed. He also would never have believed that dance could be something he could study and be paid for. As a youngster he was just dancing for fun and had no expectations.

Connection with the Past

Salé is holding a t-shirt with the colours of Mozambique’s flag. He explains how for him, this flag represents his people’s freedom after many years of slavery and oppression which came before the country’s Independence in 1975.  When Salé came to Toronto he was with Pulga, a friend and fellow dancer he considers family. Recently Pulga returned to Mozambique for a visit and brought this shirt back, as a gift, for Salé.

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