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Project Sponsors

Thank you to the following project sponsors, whose in-kind support and enthusiasm continues to assist us in meeting our project goals and for bringing the project to wide audiences.

B n 25 logo CCS

Liberty Ink communications-1



We are seeking sponsors for the Cosmopolis Toronto project. Sponsorship is the perfect way for you to meet your marketing objectives while supporting Canadian art and education. Some of the benefits of a sponsorship of Cosmopolis Toronto include:

  • Recognition as a sponsor through logo visibility
  • Recognition in promotional materials
  • Acknowledgement in media coverage and social media that reaches thousands of people
  • A direct link from the Cosmopolis Toronto website to your website

Please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.


Individual Donations

Individual donations through gifts of financial or in-kind support are key to the success of the project. Your help will ensure that Cosmopolis Toronto reaches wide audiences through exhibitions and print materials. Individual donors will be recognized on the Cosmopolis Toronto website and in social media.

For more information about how to donate, please contact us.


Project Crowdfunding

Initial funding to kickstart the Cosmopoils Toronto website ended on September 18, 2013 and was a team effort, with donations ranging from $7 to $1000 via Indiegogo. Thank you to all the anonymous contributors and to the following supporters:

Key Individual Supporters | $100+
Pedro Campos, Jimmy Prevost, Ellis Katsof, Alex Shiew, Janice May,Victoria Taylor, Mary Ortiz, Sarahlynn Chounramany, Chew Jern Ian, Liona Boyd, Lauren & Zach Katsof, Anna Sabrina Sopian, Erin Bingley, Bihzhu/Prakash, Yshmael Cabana,  Bert Macy, Timothy Vogelsang, Carolyn Shafer, Samsher Singh, Azim Lila and Natasha Walji

Individual Supporters | $7-99
Janet Lee, Sandra Han, Nabil Chemli, Patrick Mislan and Megan Maclennan, Jennifer Holub, Gayatri Nairr, Robert Pulkys, Erik Syngle, Brynne Katsof, Emily Parkinson, Melinda Campbell, Yazmin Khan and Patrick Horton, Patrick Sagnes, Jenn McAllister, Jen Stegeman, Sera Phillips, Andrew Yong, Brennan Hardy, Crystal Ruth Bell, Matt Webster, Tori Shafer, Gordon Cavanaugh, Sharil Dewa,  Deirdre O Shea, Jeremy Martin, Amy Hwang, Josh Kunder, Scott Newson, Marian Davidson, Megan Bond, Anhar Abdul Wahab, Chad Mcclintock, Dilan Bilgin, Nic Shafer, Emily MacLauren-King, Matt Overall, Thean See Xien, Marc-Andre Plouffe, Reem Meeda, Tammy West, Soupie Inthalangsy, Amanda Deo, Dallas Way, Jane Radford, Amra Ghouse, Megan Lord, Paul Schnabl, Craig Hobin, Amy Johnson, Janina Mitwalli, Adrià Pi, Kirsty Hunsberger, Robert Doyle, Lindsay Cook, Dee Tomlinson, Cheryl Caballero, Nicole Cultraro, Lindsay Sommerauer, Dan Fogal, Danishwara Nathaniel, Rohini Mathur, Sarah Downey and Tony Higgins, Ayah Norris, Nicolas Skaletski, Jose Giammaria, Brit Theis, April Johnson, Kayleigh Platz, Eni Muka, Glenda Rahn, Killi Mirka, Tracy Elisa Wong, Habiba Abubaker


Thank You

Photographer Colin Boyd Shafer would like to extend a special thank you to the initial sponsors of the Cosmopolis Toronto project: ”It is important that I thank my mother, Vivien Boyd, for all of her support throughout the process, as well as my Grandma, Eileen Boyd, in Toronto.”

To Max Rubin, Michael Saxe, Bruce Beaton, Catalina Merchàn, Gillian Prupas, Tessenie Mowatt, Lanrick Bennett Jr., Delshad Emami, and Elodie Li – thank you for your individual contributions to the project.


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