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Born in Muar, Malaysia |

Stan left Malaysia hoping to ensure a better future for his two sons. He saw no place for non-Muslim/non-Malay people in a country where there was no distinction between ethnicity and religion – a country where Malay people are automatically Muslim. It was, he believed, a country that was becoming increasingly discriminatory. Stan says many people have realized that the government is “running the country into the ground” and, like his family, are choosing to leave. So far he has found Canada to be freer, fairer and more welcoming to all peoples.

Toronto as Home

Stan, a self-taught artist, wanted to be photographed inside Colour With Me Art Studio, in Markham Village, where he runs the “BrushUp” Social Painting program.  When Stan worked in Malaysia he had to be versatile to survive and he routinely handled a wide range of subject matters using a variety of styles and mediums. Throughout the years he has been a Book Illustrator, an Airbrush Artist, Storyboard Artist, Perspective Artist, Photoshop Artist, 3D Character Artist and Animator. But it was in Markham Village that he discovered the simple joy of recreational painting, away from the digital world that he is so familiar with. In 2013 he joined a group of artists called the Village Palettes and they gather regularly to paint together.

Connection with the Past

Stan is holding what Malaysians call the “King of Fruits”-  the thorny Durian. For Stan it “tastes like heaven” but he explains how “most Caucasians swear off it because it stinks like hell”.  He says there have been cases of Malaysians smuggling it into apartments, and when the smell gets into the ventilation system, they have cleared entire floors thinking it is a chemical attack.

“I guess it is an acquired taste.” 

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