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Born in Harare,  Zimbabwe |

Tjidzani first left Zimbabwe on exchange to Switzerland – part of an educational program that aimed to maximize tolerance and minimize conflict. It was then that she decided to see a different country every year for the rest of her life.  After university, Toronto was her first stop.

“I fell in love with the city, feeling as if I could experience every country and culture in this one city.”

Then she fell in love with a Torontonian. She says the funny part is that she came all the way across land and sea to meet a guy who is from her country of birth!  The day she realized she was a “true Torontonian”, was the day she started saying the word Toronto without pronouncing the second “t”!

Toronto as Home

Tjidzani wanted to be photographed on this bench in a midtown Toronto parkette where she and her husband decided to get married. Edgar and Tjidzani’s relationship is one characterized by impromptu events.  They took a walk one day and simply stopped at the bench to talk. Their conversation led to discussions on how they felt at the time and what they hoped for in the future and that is when they decided to get married. They have now been married for three years. That bench is really special to them for this reason.

Connection with the Past

Tjidzani holds a totem walking stick that her uncle gave her upon her arrival in Canada.

“It is intricately carved with a full story of people and animals and is sheer art genius. It reminds me of the strong culture of my country of birth… the importance of history… and the importance of storytelling. It passes important knowledge to future generations.”

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