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Born in Paramaribo, Suriname |

Virgil remembers his childhood in Suriname fondly and the importance that was placed on family. When he was seven his mother decided to move to Toronto to study and he was confused at why she had to leave. She would come back twice a year to visit and he remembers her telling him that he would eventually come to Toronto. That word, “Toronto”, always made him laugh because of the way it sounded.  Virgil’s mother, while living in Canada, met someone and married. She sent for him, and at the age of eleven, Virgil came here. Before long his mother divorced and so for the longest time it was just the two of them in Toronto.  Now he also has his girlfriend Jennifer’s family and this is very comforting. He says there is no other city where he would rather live.  It is here that he was educated and had the opportunity to chase his dreams and pursue his passion for teaching boxing. Virgil explains how he fits right in with Toronto’s diversity, because he is Indian, Portuguese, African, German, Dutch and Chinese. Recently he also learned his great great grandfather was a Samurai (which makes for a good story).

Toronto as Home

Virgil and his girlfriend run Kingsway Boxing Club in Etobicoke a place that is family oriented. Since neither he nor his girlfriend have big families, they have created a “family” with their clients. He loves spending time there and the work that he does every day.

Connection with the Past

This is a picture of his grandfather, with a gold necklace that was melted down and given to Virgil on his sixteenth birthday. This necklace meant a lot to Virgil and his mother and sadly his grandfather recently passed away. He explains how, when his mom was overseas, his grandfather was the one person he could rely on and trust for anything he needed.

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