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Born in Castries, Saint Lucia |

Walton left Saint Lucia to follow his dream of becoming a pilot. Although English is the official language of aviation, Toronto’s diversity appealed to him and he thought he might get the chance to learn new languages. Although he recognizes Saint Lucia as a paradise, he is always happy to come home to Toronto – a place he has had many important life experiences. Getting used to the cold winters was a real struggle at first, but he has learned to accept them – and looks forward to the beautiful summers here.

Toronto as Home

Billy Bishop Airport is where Walton is learning to fly and is living out his dream of becoming a pilot. He is enrolled at the Island Air Flight School and is flying Cessna 150’s and Cessna 172’s.  The airport, being on an island (Toronto Island), also reminds him of St. Lucia. Walton loves airplanes and aviation, and says he wouldn’t give up this passion for anything.

Connection with the Past

This photograph was taken after mass at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Babonneau, Saint Lucia when Walton was five. It reminds him of a time when life was simple, and it is special because it shows his entire family. It was this family that raised him well as a youngster, enabling him to now manage alone in the big city of Toronto. Walton thanks his family for this gift.

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