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Born in Velp, Netherlands |

Wendii recalls her childhood in Holland with fondness and nostalgia – a safe place full of nature that suited her personality and her imagination. Her father, who was a textile engineer, was transferred back to Canada, and at the age of ten Wendii and the family moved to Cowansville, Quebec. After finishing school, Wendii moved to Toronto to pursue a career in film and TV. She says her Montreal friends get a funny look on their faces when she says: “Toronto has always been good to me”. Here she has been able to be independent and self-sufficient, has made life-long friends and has had experiences both heart-breaking and uplifting. Currently, Wendii works as a flight attendant, hosts part-time at a popular restaurant, and has also volunteered for many years at the CNIB studio recording books for the visually impaired.

Toronto as Home

Always loving to ride horses, Wendii has spent a lot of memorable time at the CNE’s riding school. Even before she lived in Toronto, she used to take the train in from Montreal every November to attend the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to watch world-class show jumping and be amongst country people and animals. She says she never missed a year, even to this day. This place is a bit of a haven for her, a place where she can clear her mind, and simply enjoy herself. She says it is great to have activities that are usually in the countryside right here downtown.

Connection with the Past

Wendii is holding a photograph of herself at about six years of age, with Elleke who is one of her four sisters. She explains how they all learned a musical instrument when growing up in Holland, and hers was the Violin which she holds here, while her sister is behind, trying to make her laugh. She says this photograph reminds her of happy idyllic times. Elleke passed away at the age of 39 of cancer, so this picture of  Wendii and her together is very special. Wendii finishes by emphasizing how they “all miss her today”.

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